Hello, my name is Matt, I'm a 23 year old college student, studying CIS (computer info systems), and business administration, and live in Pasadena California. My passion is driving my car around anywhere and anytime I can. I have a silver 2000 Honda Civic DX coupe, automatic tranny, and NO A/C. Some of my other freetime interests besides my car, are mountain biking, hiking, camping, hanging out with friends, and of course checking out the latest haps over on PH. :-D I've had my car since December of '99 (Dec. 24th to be exact). So far my car is pretty stock, with the exception of a few interior, and exterior appearence mods. I hope to soon begin to add performance mods to my car. I've been into the import scene long before I got my Civic though. I've ALWAYS loved cars, and car racing ever since I can remember (geez that's a long time ago : ), so I know a bit about cars. When I was looking for a car last winter, I was torn between 3 different, or I should say 4 different cars. Initially I was going to get a used car. My preferences were either a '96 Nissan 240SX, a '98 or '99 Eclipse, or a '93 Sentra SE-R. The SE-R I really wanted the most, but I couldn't find anyone willing to let one go for a reasonable price, and I wanted one with less than 70K miles on it. So then I began looking at used 6th gen. Civics. My sis has a '95 DX coupe, so that's where my real interest in Honda's began. Well as it turns out, we all know how well Honda's hold their value, and as surprising as it is, I eneded up getting my car (which was brand spankin' new), for over $500 LESS then a nearby dealership was selling a USED '98 Civic DX for. But when I was looking around for used Civics at first, I was already looking at mods I could get for the car. I did that with all the cars I considered getting actually. My cousin also helped get me into the import scene because he'd go to some of the Battle of the Import races here in town. And he'd race in some of the Import vs. Domestic races since he drove a domestic (a '67 Couger modified with headers, dual Flowmaster exhaust system, Edelbrock intake, MSD elec. ignition). Everytime I'd talk to him when I first learned to drive a few years back, he'd alsways tell me about what cars I should consider getting if i wanted to fix them up, or race them, and his top suggestions to me were the 240SX or the Sentra SE-R. Once I was in my SE-R phase for the couple years I was obsessed with that car, I even hit up SE-R oriented websites on a regular basis reading up on them, learning about the various problems most owners experienced with them (such as the 5th gear pop-out at around 70k miles, and the tendency for the motor mounts to go out prematurely). Even though my heart is with Honda, and especially my Civic, I still hold the Sentra SE-R with high respect.

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